Sunday School

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:45am.

As Iron Sharpens Iron, so One Man Sharpens Another.

Proverbs 27:17

Our Sunday school consists of many differing topics and studies that we offer throughout the year. 

Adult Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:45am we offer various adult Sunday school classes. Check the Sunday morning bulletin to see our current offerings.

Youth & Children



We meet every Sunday morning in the Youth House at 9:45a.m. Our group divides into three classes:
  • 7th-8th Grade: Biblical Communication led by Will Nabholz and Bill Cahill
  • 9th-10th Grade: New Testament Survey led by Tristan Admiraal and Bekah Marsh
  • 11th-12th Grade: Christian Counseling led by Shannon Hathaway and Frank Theus

Sunday Mornings at 9:45am
Sunday School helps our children learn the story of God’s fantastic dealings with people, the way He has worked to bring us to Himself, and continues to work in the world today.

Sunday School classes vary in topic and activity depending on age, but all classes include Scriptural teaching, Bible memory opportunities, and a variety of hands-on activities to communicate Biblical truths.

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